Lunch time.

It's about a half-past mid day. I’m walking fast and trusting my sense of direction for lunch today. I’m looking for that cheap pizza joint I saw the other night. Slices of pizza there go for 1€ instead of the kawaida 2€. That’s a massive difference to a girl like me with a student’s budget …


5 new things

These are some of the new beauty products that I have integrated into my small collection. They are quite basic because I had to start from the beginning with my move to France. The only thing I brought with me from home was my trusty Davis eye pencil - I couldn't risk not finding a …

Messy Twenties

My mother taught me religion and my father taught me spirituality. My mother taught me to go to church and to pray. My father taught me to believe and to put out what I want so that the universe will reciprocate.